The tiny Puritan settlement of Piety, Massachusetts, in the year 1692. For a solitary practicing witch like Susanna Blood, not the most tolerant atmosphere to live in. But it could be far worse. In the nearby town of Salem, for instance, things are about to get very nasty!

usanna Blood performed her Mabon ritual late that night.  She thanked the Goddess for the bountiful harvest.  She sat cross-legged on the ground and began to concentrate on the point of light from one of her candles.  She breathed deeply in and out, rhythmically.  She imagined herself coming out of her body for an excursion.  She felt the sickening ooze and dimming of her consciousness which always occurred as she started an astral projection.  She knew by now that this was normal and would pass; it used to unnerve her and render the projection unsuccessful.  She began to sense the sludgy, milky feeling that accompanied this magic.

She saw herself put on her coat and walk out her door.  She saw herself move along the stone path, out to the village thoroughfare.  She thought about the Parker kitchen- and was instantly there.  She had to exercise incredible control in these instances as whatever was thought took place immediately.  She moved past the sleeping family toward a small curtained area that had been set up for the baby, to keep the others from infection.  Josiah and Elizabeth were lying awake and a few candles were lit.  They were listening for something. Continue reading