The world was unaware that Edgar Allan Poe had written a sequel to one of his most famous tales of terror, The Cask of Amontillado, until the ghost story was found in the home of one of his erstwhile fiancées, thirty years after his death.

A descendant of Montresor has moved his family into the palace, and the young teenage son is checking the place out.

it was much affected by his parents’ obvious unhappiness.  He tried a new start in the home, attending his lessons and playing with two-year-old Alice.  He had yet to begin his new school –Oh the dread!  On this lazy afternoon he ached for word from the mates he left behind.

The palazzo did hold wonders.  He would again have to create his own amusement.

He bounded off the bed to jaunt about the place.  Kit never got very far.  His overactive imagination precluded venturing toward the dark nooks of fascination.  Nowhere in the vastness could he escape the notion that one was always being watched.  He confined himself to well lit hallways.  After dark, chandeliers emblazoned every room in gilded splendor, but an overcast afternoon set the palazzo in dull gray, allowing one to imagine all sorts of phantoms among the relics. Continue reading