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Continuing with my visits to a costly Medium, in this entry to my Labyrinth Creators Journal, Cassandra guides me through some contact with my dead. Is it too much to ask for that we will be reunited with our Ancestors when we pass over? There is a lot I need them to clear up in my Genealogy.



My exploration of the occult when I began writing takes me into sessions with a high-priced MEDIUM in my latest Labyrinth Creators Journal. Have you ever projected something for yourself that was granted to you? Have you felt that you really have no control over that? Did the saving grace arrive at the right time? Please read the short and stimulating journal some Canadians call, “always thought provoking.”


Finishing my series on Dreams, my Labyrinth Creators Journal this week is about the appearance of those who have left this world in your sleeping visions. What are they doing there and what may they tell us? It is a subject that may be happy for some, sad or even triggering for others. Please join me in my internal pursuit of deciphering and writing about life


I have the distinct and utter privilege to have some of my Photography featured in an Artist Portfolio at The Immortal Artist website of visionary Grey Anatoli Cross from New Orleans, LA. Please go over and click on the pictures for glorious widescreen. This is an art form innate to my being since I was young.

My latest entry to the Labyrinth Creators Journal at The Immortal Artist is the first in a series tackling how dreams may influence our artistic endeavors, and stepping into the world of lucid dreaming. These essays are quick, ten minutes tops, and your mind shall be poked for today. Do catch up and be entertained. I thank you.


Wherein I discuss the nature of art, a writer’s possible schizophrenia, and other everyday concerns. Guest starring Bowie, Sonologyst, Walter Mosley and the edge of sanity.


My latest installment of the Labyrinth Project Creator’s Journal is live now. This one may make you think for a bit, as we all have to face this question eventually. I particularly hope you check this one out.

Shroud Magazine #7 with “Assault at Innsmouth.” Some land dwellers may find the story disturbing.

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“Assault at Innsmouth” (short story) appeared in 2009

Albedo One #37 with “Stoker’s Benefactor.” I guarantee you’ll be entertained. Editors have the wrong cover on the website store, unfortunately.

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Ireland's ALBEDO magazine published "Stoker's Benefactor" in it's Special Issue for WorldCon.

The Newport Round Table Anthology includes “The Aftertaste.” Sorry the price has jumped, deep Collectors’ item.

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Cover image by Melissa Martin Ellis