Edgar Allan Poe spent time in my state capitol of Providence Rhode Island courting the lovely Sarah Whitman, going to The Hot Club, hanging in the streets, drinking slurpees and getting involved with an ATV gang. Young punk successor HP Lovecraft comes along and wallows in his hero’s footsteps, brooding at the same cemetery, the nerve. My supposed sequel to The Cask of Amontillado, a story entitled “The Aftertaste,” spermed on these memories in me, and now you can read about it in the latest Labyrinth Creators Journal. Visit the always brief, always entertaining blog that you’ll enjoy despite Poe’s one word review, “Nevermore.”



“What man?”
“The man with the power.” “What power?” “The power of Voodoo.” “Voodoo. Who do?” “You do.” “Do what?” “Remind me of the man…” I saw that bit decades before “Labyrinth” with David Bowie, in Cary Grant’s “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.” Be that as it may, this time in the Labyrinth Creators Journal we continue our discussion of the African and Haitian religious rituals that inspired my “Resurrection Cemetery.” Leave no headstone unturned by checking in with this always brief, always delightful blog that leaves over 3000 readers staring like White Zombies at their computers and phones.

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Flash Fiction was something I’d never heard of when I got one of my first acceptances to a paying website. Though the content was small, the idea and the research was big, to inject some realistic Louisiana Voodoo practice into a story about a heartbroken bride who’d recently lost her mother. I had been fascinated by the religious practice brought over to New Orleans by African slaves ever since some horror movies awakened me to it as a child. In the Labyrinth Project Creators Journal we begin to probe my lifelong exploration and look at some of its inspirations, starting with “The Oblong Box” 1969.


Inferno by Dante has such a cool hierarchy of demons and lost souls, grouped by their major sins and the punishment metered out for said offenses. This Labyrinth Project Creators Journal is about a story I’ve worked on forever, involving a guy’s commute home, a global disaster, and the manifestation of these tiers of Hell here on Earth. I also talk about writing “in the zone” and other twists of my tale “Peeling Down the Layers.”




Do any other writers enjoy coming up with names for people, places and things as much as I do? I love doing cultural research, mining my family tree, and giving real people and places better names than they have. Join in reading the Labyrinth Creators Journal that has thousands asking, “How does Richard Alan Scott do it?” Also “How do you think he comes up with those great names for stuff?”


When an errant group of teens invade and lay waste to a city cemetery, it’s up to the grounds’ tough Caretaker to even the score. In a story that has yet to find a home, The Night of the Vandals includes some nasty goings-on as a baby’s corpse is desecrated and we are introduced to the lovely exploding casket syndrome. Read about my brush with Hollywood in this latest Labyrinth Creators Journal at The Immortal Artist. This brief and always entertaining journal is closing in on 2000 readers. Even the Dead Need a Champion.

My friend, tough-as-nails Caretaker and brilliant Horror Writer, Owl Goingback


As a novice to the subject of H. P. Lovecraft, about sixteen years ago I began to research and put together a picture of my state’s (Rhode Island) most haunted horror resident. Certainly his life was unique compared to most people who’ve walked this planet, and his mind was even more warped and otherworldly than even other writers. But I couldn’t have expected the very deep and personal behavioral trait that linked the two of us utterly. It explains a lot. Please read the brief and engaging blog that makes you think about “stuff,” my Labyrinth Creators Journal over at The Immortal Artist, from New Orleans, LA.


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My harrowing tale of a young couple doomed to interact closely with the denizens of HP Lovecraft’s decrepit seaside town, Innsmouth, is getting ready to be published for the second time. Learn how I delved into my state’s Horror Demigod HP and hoped to capture his atmosphere in the story “Assault at Innsmouth.” Go to the Labyrinth Creators Journal at The Immortal Artist and enjoy the short, entertaining blog that lures in hundreds of big catches.



When I wanted to write about Irish folklore, what better of the eerie characters of that culture than the mournful Banshee? This Labyrinth Creators Journal guest stars Ray Bradbury, Aine Minogue, Tim Deal, David Wilson and Willie Meikle. Learn about the publishing firm that made me find out the hard way that some Editors can be Predators. Gorgeous guest photography from Evan Dales of Toronto in the short, fun blog that boasts 1500 readers.



TIME/LIFE interrupts this Labyrinth Project Creators Journal to bring you our latest collection of forgotten classics, REJECTION’S GREATEST HITS. Let’s hand it over to our host for the evening, Richard Alan Scott………