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This Labyrinth Creators Journal goes into my second and most discussed short story, STOKER’S BENEFACTOR, and takes us to Dublin Castle in Ireland. Read the popular journal that folks are finding a quick, entertaining read. Bram Stoker will be happy you did.



My new entry to the Labyrinth Creators Journal at The Immortal Artist discusses the time early in my writing career that I had my own private library through membership in a mystical cabal. I go up against an unwavering brigade of staunch guardians. Read the short, fun blog that nearly a thousand people have discovered.




Of my short stories, the most popular so far has to do with Bram Stoker’s genius creation, a certain Transylvanian Count. But before we get to that in the Labyrinth Creators Journal at Immortal Artist, let’s go back to a time when I had my first run-in with the blood-thirstiest vampire of them all. Join above to get an email notice when there is a new entry to the blog that people stick their neck out to read.


All of the places I’ve lived in my adult life, my bed’s location and my spot in it have been exactly the same. This phenomenon only became apparent to me a number of years ago. Learn how this odd detail became the basis for the first short story in my serious writing career, and experience a whole bunch more by reading on in my Labyrinth Creators Journal at The Immortal Artist. This brief blog is always fun and fascinating and gets your gears working.