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Newest in my Labyrinth Creators Journal brings us face to face with the Ghost of a Vermont Inn, and a startlingly “woke” staring contest with a gentle spirit. Hundreds have read the blog that made the Covid summer less of a slog. Why not take ten minutes and join in in the fun? Put your email in above to learn first hand of the entries. Bless you. Below is my Max, in winter coat, in our backyard cemetery.




TThis time my Labyrinth Creators Journal opens a discussion of the Unexplained in our lives. Featuring a witch, my Mom, and the genealogically-fortuitous Dacre Stoker. Join 600 others who have discovered the blog that bolsters your writing addiction.


For my latest Labyrinth Creators Journal I reveal the primordial and esoteric vision I have for the words I put on paper. Join 600 readers who have discovered the blog that gives it to you straight from the Occult perimeter. Not for the weak-minded or the guy walking around in my town who talks to himself and is not on a cellphone.






Ride your steed as the newest entry to the Labyrinth Creators Journal tackles my third session with a high priced Medium. There is no question that three times in my life, things I envisioned for myself manifested, some may say granted by the Universe. However, they always came along way, way later than I may have wanted, manifesting in backdoor sorts of ways. Please read the blog making people say, “…so interesting. I can hear your voice and see your face as I read it.” One out of two Canadians can’t wait for the next one.