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Richard Alan Scott has labored for a half-century in The Arts. In concurrent careers, he has worked as Direct Care and Administration in Human Services with children, teens and developmentally disabled adults, as well as Book and Movie Retail. He is the school recipient of the Congressman’s Medal of Merit and the American College Theater Award of Excellence, presented him at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. He worked for a decade as an Actor under Robert J. Colonna at The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater and as Actor and Stage Manager under Adrian Hall and Richard Jenkins at the Tony-winning professional Providence company; Trinity Rep. He is a thirty-year member of the Actors Equity Association, as well as a fifteen year member of the New England Horror Writers. He has been a writing member of the acclaimed RI Writers Circle and the Newport Round Table. As a writer he has studied under Christopher Golden and James A. Moore at River City Writers and at Boston’s Grub Street. His work has appeared in Premiere Magazine, Shroud: The National Journal of Dark Fiction and Art, and Albedo One: Ireland’s top genre magazine, as well as the anthology Walls and Bridges edited by Mark Ellis and Melissa Martin-Ellis. He is part of the Labyrinth Project Creators Journal and Artist Portfolios (photography) at the Immortal Artist Website of New Orleans and will be featured in a Dark Audio Project at Eighth Tower Records in Italy. He has finished two novels that are being promoted to agents and he lives in rural Rhode Island.


have been invited to participate in the writing of a Creator’s Journal as part of The Labyrinth Project over at the website of a talented Dark Artist, Grey Cross, out of New Orleans. I will periodically make new entries to my journal; visiting and reading will also afford you the opportunity to explore Grey’s body of work as well as those of the other Creatives involved. This is a unique opportunity to tell you what goes on in my mind and my heart as I pursue my craft of Fiction Writing. Go here and enjoy:

am on the ground floor of a project coming out of Italy, which will involve the merging of dark fiction with dark audio soundscapes. My story “Assault at Innsmouth” and the work of many other great writers will be involved. This will encompass a print and digital anthology of Cosmic Horrors, as well as an audio book of the works professionally linked with background ambiance. From there who knows where it can lead. All of this through the auspices of Raffaele Pezzella (Sonolygist) at Eighth Tower Records. Go here and listen for an example of the sound work:




hen I was 7 years old, in 1964, my family was able to move out of the projects into a mystical old house. Mr. Davies, the previous occupant, left many wonderful things behind. It had a diamond-shaped stained glass window, a roll top desk full of cubbies, a library full of old tomes, secret compartments in the closets and cellar, drawers full of parts and gizmos, ancient newspapers in the attic, old baseball bats and gloves, a player piano, and what looked like an Exorcist’s portable ritual box in the basement. Most importantly, there was a fabulous metal typewriter that sat on a high, rolling iron stand with wheel-locking pedals. I wrote my first story, The Zany Zoo Lion by Richard Alan Scott, about a lion that escapes the zoo only to join a circus, the day after we moved in. I’ve been writing and scheming ever since. For years, I’d spend hours shooting hoops in my backyard, daydreaming about my next movie or novel. If a neighborhood playmate happened along to join me while in this zone, I was thoroughly disappointed to have to begrudgingly end my reverie. Continue reading