THE KEENING MAN was finally released as a Kindle e-book during Saint Patrick’s week in both the UK and the United States.  This entertaining chapbook contains both the title story, concerning the legendary Irish apparition known as the Banshee haunting a couple of visiting American lads, as well as the Science Fiction invasion story, TUESDAY NIGHT’S PICK.

This second offering takes place during the late shift at an isolated Massachusetts distribution plant, as a lonely worker discovers that all of his fellow employees have apparently gone missing.  Could the sonic boom heard just before work have something to do with it?

The two complete tales are available for the bargain price of just $.99 U.S. dollars.  At this rate, you can’t go wrong and will certainly find the package to be a great introduction to Richard’s very original, disturbing and haunting work.

So pour yourself a few fingers of fine Irish whiskey, (make Richard’s a Jameson’s), and hunker down with your Kindle tonight.

And of course the actual Penny Dreadful chapbook will be available soon from Ghostwriter Publications of the UK, with stunning cover art from Neil Jackson.

Buy it here, and a thousand thanks: