ichard Alan Scott  is a writer of dark yet accessible fiction which explores aspects of the human experience that remain unexplained, as well as those worlds which haunt our dreams or excite our imaginations.

About his writing, Richard says “I have been a huge fan of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction my whole life.  No one can stay on top of all the writing that exists, but I certainly have been reading and viewing these genres for nearly fifty years.  My goal with writing is to create work that I, as a fanatic, would like to read.  I try very hard not to spend time on a piece if I can’t bring to it something I have not encountered before.

I love incorporating history and historical figures into some stories, and I try very hard to take a realistic and subtle approach to my creations. I might compare some of my work to episodes of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits that hopefully read like commercial properties for fans and non-fans of the genres to enjoy. Then there are creations that come across more like small independent films in literary form.  Most importantly, I feel I’ve succeeded if I give readers an experience that I would be hungry to have.  I have a deep need to entertain people through exploration of the paranormal, the fantastic and the unknown.  I grew up in the same state and atmosphere that H.P. Lovecraft did; it’s in my blood.”

He is a fifteen-year member of The New England Horror Writers, a division of The Horror Writers Association, and a thirty year member of Actors Equity Association.