ichard Alan Scott  is a writer of dark yet accessible fiction which explores aspects of the human experience that remain unexplained, as well as those worlds which haunt our dreams or excite our imaginations.

About his writing, Richard says “I have been a huge fan of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction my whole life.  No one can stay on top of all the writing that exists, but I certainly have been reading and viewing these genres for nearly fifty years.  My goal with writing is to create work that I, as a fanatic, would like to read.  I try very hard not to spend time on a piece if I can’t bring to it something I have not encountered before.

I love incorporating history and historical figures into some stories, and I try very hard to take a realistic and subtle approach to my creations. I might compare some of my work to episodes of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits that hopefully read like commercial properties for fans and non-fans of the genres to enjoy. Then there are creations that come across more like small independent films in literary form.  Most importantly, I feel I’ve succeeded if I give readers an experience that I would be hungry to have.  I have a deep need to entertain people through exploration of the paranormal, the fantastic and the unknown.  I grew up in the same state and atmosphere that H.P. Lovecraft did; it’s in my blood.”

He is a fifteen-year member of The New England Horror Writers, a division of The Horror Writers Association, and a thirty year member of Actors Equity Association.

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TEARJERKER/Short Story: Out of the filth and slime surrounding the crucifixion of The Nazarene, a demon is born that feeds on tears. Two thousand years later he still haunts the Palestinian people in the area.

INSIGHT/Short Story:  When a close encounter makes a boy genius material, his lonely mother is left to deal with her abusive spouse.

PLAYTHINGS/Short Story:  When renowned real estate mogul Edward Ree tries to shake the world off with a brisk hike through the woods of Killarney, he meets a ravishing and mysterious beauty who may not be what she seems.  But he’s about to find out that even bored, pampered moguls may be unaware of their true nature.
Slated to be Published in Metamorphosis from Millennial Concepts.

OZ CAN BE TOUGH FOR A GIRL/Short Story:  Young Tip can no longer endure the sexual abuse from his guardian, the Sorceress Mombi, nor her flaunting of the no-magic laws of Gillikin Country.  Accompanied by his creation, Jack Pumpkinhead, and an animated Sawhorse, he’s off to see His Majesty the Scarecrow in fabled Emerald City, to turn her in.  How could he know he’s walking into a metropolis under bloody siege:  complete infestation of the most vile and vicious creatures in all of Oz, Winged Monkeys! Explicit Ozian Terminology

TRY TO STAY TOGETHER/Short Story:  A tale of biblical terror.  Young nobleman Zadok is moved by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth to renounce his wealth and work at the local leper colony.  But older woman Marath has the eye for him, and who’s going to volunteer to attend the afflicted that are kept in the cave; the violent, cannibalistic ones with the mysterious new strain of the disease?

THE QUALITY OF MERCY/Short Story:  At age twenty-one, Rhode Island’s most famous master of the macabre, H. P. Lovecraft, was a high school drop-out; an awkward and emotionally crippled shut-in who wrote all night and slept by day.  His only pleasure came from weaving his own bizarre, fledgling stories and composing his science column for The Providence Journal.  A request to edit a U.S. edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula emboldens him to investigate Rhode Island’s own vampire legend, resulting in a showdown that would forever change the literature of horror! Excerpt

THE AFTERTASTE/Short Story:  An imagined sequel to Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado. The world was unaware that Edgar Allan Poe had written a sequel to one of his most famous tales of terror, until the ghost story was found in the home of one of his erstwhile fiancées, thirty years after his death. Excerpt
Published in Walls and Bridges from Millennial Concepts.

RESURRECTION CEMETERY/Zombie Flash Fiction:  Sloane is determined to have her mother attend her wedding.  With help from a voodoo spell, she’s not going to let the fact that Pam is dead and buried stop her.
Published in the Sonar4 Science Fiction and Horror Ezine.

TUESDAY NIGHT’S PICK/Short Story:  For part-timer Eric and his out-there coworker Jersey, it’s just another night at the dirty, isolated distribution plant.  They’re unaware that the world is undergoing a cataclysm, and they’re working at invader central.
Soon to be Published in “The Keening Man” volume by The Penny Dreadful Company, a Division of Ghostwriter Publications out of Dorchester, England, Winter 2010-11.

ASSAULT AT INNSMOUTH/Short Story:  Brooke and Dorian are a golden couple who’ve had all of life’s favor until their car inexplicably breaks down on their return home from the Halloween celebrations in Arkham, Massachusetts.  They would get stuck in creepy Innsmouth in the middle of the night!  Could rumored legends of the transformation of Innsmouth’s seafaring residents be true?  They’re about to encounter some disagreeable denizens in this Lovecraftian assault. Explicit Mature Content Excerpt
Published in Shroud Magazine (Issue #7).

A TIME OF ATONEMENT/Short Story:  The Apocalypse arrives and turns Carl’s home commute into something like Dante’s tiers of Inferno.

BLOOD MOON/Short Story:  The tiny Puritan settlement of Piety, Massachusetts, in the year 1692. For a solitary practicing witch like Susanna Blood, not the most tolerant atmosphere to live in. But it could be far worse. In the nearby town of Salem, for instance, things are about to get very nasty!  A stirring mix of historical fiction and authentic witchcraft. Excerpt

NIGHT OF THE VANDALS/Short Story:  “Even the Dead need a Champion.”  Urban teens wreak grave havoc in a cemetery on Halloween.  They don’t know how seriously the caretaker takes his duties as guardian of the ‘sleepers’, nor how determinedly he will seek revenge.
As a Movie Pitch/Treatment, 2007, named a Semi-Finalist in Hollywood’s Scare Rhode Island Screenwriting Competition.

THE KEENING MAN/Short Story:  An American businessman’s best friend tags along for an assignment in Ireland, where he encounters a legendary, frightening Banshee. Excerpt
Published by The Penny Dreadful Company, a Division of Ghostwriter Publications out of Dorchester, England.  Cover Art by
Neil Jackson!

STOKER’S BENEFACTOR/Short Story:  Years before writing his most famous novel, Bram Stoker is working as the business manager of the famed Lyceum Theater Company of London.  Wishing to make a hefty donation to the company: a mysterious, dapper Slavic gentleman with plans to mix business with pleasure. Excerpt
Published in
Albedo One (Issue #37), Ireland’s Premiere Magazine of Horror, SciFi and Fantasy.

NOW YOU’RE IN HEAVEN/Short Story:  Frank has suffered a massive heart attack, but of more immediate concern, why is he stuck back in his childhood home?