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Old song, old man. Please everyone within the sound of my voice read my new Labyrinth Project Creators Journal as it’s a matter of wife and death. I want you with me on this journey that I face as much as any writing conundrum I’ve come up against. All of you are so great to take my emails and bring me immense support. We are under the gun to get my four books into the world. Read the short blog that Boris Karloff says scared HIM !

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When you need to get the words on the page that somehow add up to about 300 pages, there’s nothing for it but to sit yo’ ass down. In this Labyrinth Journal I wrap up our journey into the writing of my first novel, having told you not nearly enough to get your own done. Why, because I’m not a teacher, I’m a scribe. But I can hope that all 4200 of my readers now have a novel in them, and some writers will buy all of them, probably Kevin Lewis.



Organize your scenes into your three acts for some sort of outline. That’s what this month’s Labyrinth Creators Journal is about as well as PAST and PRESENT timelines balancing while the past unloads my Fantasy/ Horror thread. It’s enough to drive anyone to the sauce. Read the brief blog that well over four thousand readers say is a home away from home.



Continuing the dissection of my first experience writing a novel and how to come up with your own list of scenes, my formatting leads me into a rant of what you are sure to get when you pay for and read my work. Perhaps every kind of plot has already been done, but it is each of our uniqueness that makes the writing our own. It’s about what makes me, me. Join 4000 other dedicated readers in exploring the Labyrinth Project Creators Journal way down yonder in New Orleans at The Immortal Artist. It’s the always brief, always fun blog that the British call, “Gwendolyn.”


I begin to fulfill my promise of a step-by-step, penetrating look at how I managed to write my first novel, having no clue whatsoever what I was doing. Watch me flail my way into the process in the November installment of the Labyrinth Project Creators Journal over at the Immortal Artist website. 4000 other readers have called it “Shirley.”



Decades prior to my tackling the writing of a full novel, the germs of the idea began to fester in my mind like an open sore. Shortly thereafter I encountered the perfect location, and I was off and running to get this huge project together…NOT. It would take me years, and in the upcoming entries of the Labyrinth Creators Journal, I am going to take your hand and lead you step by step through my process of completing the monumental task. Hit the link to the always brief, always ticklish blog that four thousand people call “frighteningly half-decent.”

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Men have often confided to me over the years that they are frustrated and really through with women, which thankfully never lasts. But some can go through years carrying this attitude. I wondered if I could pull off a story, titled “Playthings” that would make them feel better while going through this harsh period in their lives. A guy who has it all meets his match on a jaunt through the woods of Ireland. In my Labyrinth Creators Journal for September, I take you through my thought process in trying to capture this fleeting phenomenon. Read the always brief, always eye-opening blog that 4000 others like to call Fergus.



Do any of my writer friends worry, as I do, that something you write may be misconstrued to represent your real beliefs or attitudes and may therefore become suspect in today’s “cancel culture” atmosphere? I know I’m a very nice guy, but I write stories where the good guy may not necessarily always win, just as it happens in real life. I’m hoping that Editors out there “get me” and don’t consider killing the messenger in this Labyrinth Project Creators Journal for July. Read the always brief, always transparent journal that some Vegas chorus dancers have said “gives them tingles.”

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In May we caught our collective breath and took the time to celebrate The Labyrinth Creators Journal’s two-year anniversary as a living, breathing part of the Immortal Artist website of New Orleans, Louisiana. But as one has many ups that enrich our lives, we also experience several lows that require us to take stock, and with writers that can often come with feelings that this pursuit may be hopeless. Read the thoughtful, always brief blog that nearly 4000 dedicated readers have discovered and called “lit-erlicious.”

Someday I will release my ultimate collection of short stories and it will include four Novelettes that I have written. One I’m most proud of reflects my lifelong obsession with the OZ stories by L. Frank Baum of the early twentieth century. I used one of my favorite storylines of all the tales, what I guess we can now call a transsexual line of a boy who did not know he would change genders, become a queen, and gloriously rule Oz. It involves a gorgeous sorceress Mombi, the (grown) boy Tipperarius (Tip) and his alter ego, Ozma, as well as Tip’s creations Jack Pumpkinhead (a beloved character) and the animated Sawhorse they travel on. My story does not scrimp on the sex and violence, and some publisher will eventually love it as I do. This Labyrinth Creators Journal has the dope on the dope novelette and my life of Oz worship. As for the collection, I play the long game, as it HAS to be perfection, and include mostly published stories. Hahaha, I’m mad; mad I tell you. Read the blog that thousands call “behind the moon, beyond the rain.” Revel in these characters I adore:

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